Benefits of MPLS vs. Frame Relay

By April 11, 2017MPLS

What are the benefits of MPLS vs. Frame relay?

If your organisation has reached a point where you need more bandwidth from your current circuits, you may be searching for options and wondering what you should do. It may be that the network you currently have is inflexible and slow and after doing some research, you come to the conclusion that MPLS is the more advanced technology that may better fit your needs. If you are wondering what the benefits of MPLS are, the following may be useful for you to consider. Here are some helpful information about the benefits of MPLS vs. Frame relay.

Benefits of MPLS:

  • Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) was initiated in order to bridge protocols like Frame Relay, Ethernet, and ATM.
  • MPLS has increasingly become the most widely used internet technology with more providers choosing this service each year.
  • Carriers have opted to deploy MPLS/IP core routers to better support legacy networks in a more cost effective way.
  • MPLS utilises an encapsulation method that provides Internet across different devices and technologies.
  • MPLS makes use of resiliency protocols like Bi-directional Detection and Fast Re-route in order to avoid potential blocks.
  • MPLS is one of the most ideal choices for extending metro networks due to the resiliency of these protocols and the popularity of the core networks.
  • Vendors have created multi-service platforms with a combination of different legacy port options.



Some of The Main reasons to implement MPLS include:

  • Reduce costs through converging data networks. MPLS allows for the blending of ATM, disparate Frame Relay, Ethernet, and IP networks into one complete infrastructure thereby reducing expenses and capital. This can see a cost savings of close to 40% over frame relay.
  • Voice integration, data, and video services.
At, we can explain the benefits of MPLS-based service as Frame relay no longer is provided by most providers.

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