Cutting Edge Managed Network Security Solution

Major retailers like Target, Home Depot, Albertsons, Nordstrom, and technology companies like Ebay and most recently T-Mobile have been hacked into and suffered embarrassment from those breaches but customer proprietary information has been stolen and now these companies have to pay up.

Now more than ever, network security is essential to a company’s daily operation.

Our partner cutting edge managed security solution takes a different approach to monitoring a company infrastructure through a proprietary, distributed network of passive network security sensors that is guaranteed to show more about your existing attacks and vulnerabilities than any other security solution on the market.

It aims to reduce the overall cyber risk to an organization by proactively monitoring the customer’s network for signs of anomalous activity that could be indicative of active compromise, misconfigurations, or other notable security risks. In short, it helps your team reduce the average time to incident detection from years and months down to minutes and hours, thus reducing breach impact and incident response costs.



It leverages a distributed network of passive network security sensors and takes a different approach to monitoring customer infrastructure. Unlike more network security companies, we are not trying to sell you an appliance or a device. This cutting edge security solution is a fully managed service with certified information security analysts proactively hunting for compromises and security risks to your organization. It serves as an extension to your existing team, notifying you only about security events that matter in record time, while providing clear and easy to understand Recommended Courses of Action so you can address the issue and get back to running your business.

It’s truly amazing the level of visibility and insights one can obtain over their network by passive monitoring. The passive monitoring is so effective because it remains invisible to any would be hackers. This is why a significant amount of information from your sensor(s) are available to you in real time. The portal is a great place to see what versions of software are running in your environment, and which ones are out of date. You can know with certainty when your company policies and regulatory requirements are not being met. You can even track your organizations true bandwidth usage and explicit content usage. The customer portal is your one stop -shop for managing tickets and incidents, and it keeps your finger on the pulse of your overall security posture.

The solution is so effective, our partner security solution has agreed to provide a free trial to the right client. The free trial is an opportunity for customers to try the service for free to make sure you absolutely love it before you get it.

There is a white paper available for your review upon request.