Effective MPLS Broadband Solutions

If you are a multi-site retailer or enterprise interested in supporting your business with the most flexible, cost effective, and reliable network possible, visit Shop for Bandwidth.

Why is MPLS broadband right for you?

Frame relay networks are being replaced all over the country. We can provide you with a multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) solution designed with your business in mind. Now may be the time to make the switch.

The Benefits of MPLS include:

  • Multi-site enterprises across wide geographies
  • Future-proof and highly scalable
  • Effectively operates highly variable technologies such as video and voice
  • Smooth integration of diverse bearer technologies
  • Guaranteed quality of service



Do more with MPLS broadband solutions

The innovative nature of MPLS means that we can build your network from an array of technologies, protocols, and physical connections and store them on the cloud. This ‘last-mile’ flexibility means you can incorporate legacy connections, effectively utilise VPNs to go national, and dynamically integrate subsystems.