OC is short for Optical Carrier, used to specify the speed of fiber optic networks conforming to the SONET standard.

Burstable OC3 is the ideal solution for business customers who seek ultra-fast connectivity for their mission-critical Internet needs if they currently have a DS3 and it’s not meeting their needs. You can select from various bandwidth, from 45 Mbps to a full 155 Mbps of service from the various providers (AT&T, MCI, Sprint, Qwest, Savvis, etc).

The Benefits you’ll get by getting burstable OC3 are:

  • Improves efficiency by utilizing the fastest connection speed available today
  • Increases flexibility by allowing you to choose the level of bandwidth that suits your business needs and to order additional bandwidth at any time
  • Maximizes bandwidth and reduces inefficiencies in data delivery via Packet Over SONET (POS) technology
  • Manages costs with a fixed monthly charge based on port speed
  • Increases Internet accessibility by providing the needed bandwidth available
  • Increases sales by improving the interaction between your customers and your organization via the Internet

The table shows the speeds for common OC levels:

OC = Speed

OC3 = 155.52 Mbps (100 faster than T1 connection, 20 times faster than T3 connection)
OC12 = 622 Mbps (4 times faster than OC3 connection)

OC48 = 2.5 Gbps (4 times faster than OC12 connection)

OC192 = 9,6 Gbps (4 times faster than OC48 connection)