The Best MPLS Retailers

By April 19, 2017MPLS

In keeping up with the times, more and more businesses are switching from frame relay systems to Multiprotocol Label Switching, or MPLS. More and more providers are phasing frame relay out and migrating their customers to MPLS services.

The Advantages of MPLS

  • More cost effective
  • More robust
  • Greater flexibility
  • Helps avoid congestion, bottlenecking, and link failure

With MPLS service, you get a fully meshed network where companies can have multiple branches communicating without having to pay additional charges. This is extremely useful, particularly for businesses with more than two locations.



MPLS on the Rise

Experts predict that within a few years, MPLS will overtake frame relay due to its added security and lower overall cost. In fact, frame relay is already being phased out by many bandwidth providers. If you’re looking to switch, now may be the best time to consider it – and Shop For Bandwidth is your one-stop shop for all things MPLS! From a quality-of-service standpoint, ISPs will better be able to manage different kinds of data streams based on priority and service plan. For instance, those who subscribe to a premium service plan, or those who receive a lot of streaming media or high-bandwidth content, can see minimal latency and packet loss. Among MPLS retailers, we’re a leader in focusing on working with retailers or multi-site enterprises. We understand your business and provide top-notch service with great pricing. We take a personalized approach to your business and have the MPLS solutions you’re looking for.