Top MPLS Network Providers

By April 11, 2017MPLS

Are you a Multi-site Retailer or Enterprise Looking for Network Solutions?

At Shop for Bandwidth, we are the one stop shop for bandwidth solutions and a leading MPLS network provider. Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is the newest generation of evolving technology, creating private networks which efficiently implement:

  • Flow control
  • Traffic shaping
  • Queuing in support of differential network services



It is a Layer 3 VPN, which simplifies the routing requirements of your complex, multi-site business network. Across the country, retailers and other enterprises are substituting their frame relay and point-to-point connections with MPLS services. We can help you smoothly migrate your connections to a more efficient and versatile MPLS solution, with minimal interruption.

Benefits of MPLS:

  • MPLS was designed with your business in mind, providing your company with:
  • Multi-site enterprises across wide geographies
  • Smooth integration of diverse bearer technologies
  • Highly effective variable technologies such as video and voice
  • Future-proof and highly scalable services

Connecting You with the Right MPLS Network Providers

Multi-protocol means that many different devices and connections are used to build your network. We can provide you with the right solution to integrate critical components of legacy systems, provide backup over cellular, even connect broadband technologies that were once deemed incompatible. We are your go-to network provider and can offer MPLS Bandwidth solutions for your company.